Sarah Canney, Runner, @runfargirl

“I first sought out Chris’ coaching because I was at a crossroads with my running. Self-coaching had left me feeling drained and disappointed, and I was lacking direction. Chris has the ability to see the big picture and structure training in a way that builds safely and sustainably, while challenging me to be my best.”

Dan Moore, Mountain and Trail Runner

“Chris’ focus on making training fun and feasible while incorporating a busy work and family schedule has allowed me to stick to his program religiously and it has paid off nicely. If you want to see your running take off to the next level I highly recommend Chris’s coaching services, they are worth every penny!”

Heather Cote, Trail and Ultra Runner

“Five months into training, I am a stronger and more efficient runner than I have ever been. Chris treats me like an elite, despite being a very average athlete. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to break their barriers and tackle any challenge…. big or small!”

Kim Nedeau, Mountain Runner

“This year was the explosion that I dreamed of since I left competitive running when I was 24, almost 13 years ago! The sensibility that Chris provided kept me moving towards my goals, training hard and consistent without injury or burnout.”

“Chris is a very dynamic coach, as he has helped me excel at every distance from the 5k to 50 miles.”

-Andrea McCusker

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