Ascend Endurance Coaching provides coaching services for endurance athletes. As a multisport athlete myself for three decades, I understand the needs of different sports and of the challenges of trying to fit training into a busy schedule. My athletes include mountain, ultra and trail runners, road runners, triathletes, mountain bikers and snowshoe runners.

My philosophy is that training plans need to fit around your life, not the other way around. During our initial conversation I’ll learn about your training preferences and design a program uniquely for you. Then, once we have a training plan in place, we utilize the Training Peaks app to share your training updates.

The greatest reward of being a coach is to see your athletes meet their goals. I’ll work with you to help you attain the success you are looking for.


Chris J. Dunn, Ascend Endurance Coaching

Service Levels
~ individualized training plan
~ unlimited revisions
~ daily communication
~ easy access to me via phone, text, or email
~ private online group
~ event planning

~ all services in Standard Level
~ private monthly Zoom call
~ customized high-performance daily nutrition program (optional)
~ customized high-performance recovery protocol
~ customized body composition optimization program (optional)
~ customized within activity hydration plan

Please contact me for service level pricing.


“I’m a newer athlete on Chris’ roster, and I’ve found him inspirational, reliable, timely, and available. His personal experience as an endurance athlete and his professional experience in cardiac rehab are a powerful combination in service of the athlete. His emphasis on mindset is fantastic–especially for someone like me who can struggle to tame mine and make it work for me. I highly recommend Ascend Endurance Coaching.”

-Andrew Petty

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